Mathematics enables the child to develop an understanding of particular and important dimensions of the physical world and of social interactions. It furnishes children with the means of manipulating, recording and communicating concepts that involve magnitude, number, shape and space, and their relationships. (Primary School Curriculum  - Introduction)


This section of the website is devoted to more recent resources developed by PDST. These resources are intended to complement and support the implementation of the Primary School Mathematics Curriculum 1999. Other relevant resources for mathematics can be accessed on the archived site and by clicking this link. Addtional resources from the PCSP site can be found by clicking this link also. All materials and resources used on the Numeracy Link Primary Seminars can be accessed through the Numeracy tab on this website or by clicking here.


Recent Publications Section

The publications below are intended to assist teachers in teaching the strand unit of

  • Fractions (1st - 6th class)
  • Place Value (1st - 6th class)
  • Decimals (3rd - 6th Class)
  • Percentages (5th and 6th class)
  • Mental Maths Addition & Subtraction (Infants - 6th)
  • Mental Maths Multiplication & Division (3rd - 6th)
  • Measures (Infants - 6th).


The Area 5 Manuals designed by PDST in partnership with Dr. Seán Delaney, Marino Institute of Education is a replacement unit for teaching area in fifth class. The unit may also be helpful for teaching area to pupils in fourth or sixth class and in a mixed class.


Click on the title of each manual to view or download, print copies of any manual can be ordered here




Data and Chance



Teacher's Manual


Lámhleabhar an Mhúinteora