Numeracy Link Day 1

The purpose of this seminar is to build capacity in numeracy at school level. The main focus is the promotion and development of Number. However, this instructional approach to teaching Maths can be used across all strands and strand units.  Day One of this seminar examines the strand unit of Fractions in detail and explores a wide range of instructional practices and concrete learning experiences.  This is day one of a two-day seminar.




Fractions: Teacher's Manual - A Guide to Teaching Fractions in Irish Primary Schools


The aim of this resource is to assist teachers in teaching the strand unit of Fractions (1st to 6th class). This strand unit is not applicable for infant classes. The resource is intended to complement and support the implementation of the Primary School Mathematics Curriculum (PSMC) rather than replace it. By providing additional guidance in the teaching and learning of fractions, this resource attempts to illuminate a pedagogical framework for enhancing mathematical thinking, that is, methods of eliciting, supporting and extending higher-order mathematics skills such as reasoning; communicating and expressing; integrating and connecting; and applying and problem solving.


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Seminar Slides


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Seminar Resources


The following resources were used during the seminar. Please click on each resource to download.