Child Protection Schools Inspection - Helpful Information

See the link below to the DES website, which outlines mandatory templates for use with the Child Protection Procedures as well as a checklist for reviewing the Child Safety Statement.…/Child-Protection/Information.html


The significance of these at this time pertains to the Child Protection Schools Inspection (CPSI) which will commence nationally shortly. These inspections will take the form of specific Child Protection Inspections or as part of WSEs.


We recently spent a day with the Inspectorate team who will be carrying out these inspections to get an overview of what schools are to expect and also to provide an outline of our CP support for schools.


The Press Release below which contains information about these inspections also outlines the great support provided by our two Health and Wellbeing teams!…/21-january-2019-minister-mchugh-…


This information may be helpful during your daily interaction with teachers and school leaders.